What Was That EP?

by Andy Ard

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A collection of tracks to complete one phase and begin another. More of a single with two A-sides and two B-sides, really.


released March 14, 2008

Produced by Andy Ard and Eric Shiveley




Andy Ard Denver

Andy makes music for people who want to be happier, himself included. If you can figure out what genre these songs are, he'd love to hear from you.

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Track Name: Bridges Burned
Bridges Burned
© 1999 Andy Ard

There she was, just standing there
looking back without a care about me
So I left, what could I do
knowing that she won’t be blue without me
without me

Called and old friend I had in school
she said “don’t go thinking I’m your fool this time.”
“You’re just calling me cause you’re lonely
lost the love of your one and only
I’ve heard that line.
Oh, I’ve heard that line.”

I didn’t think it would turn out this way
but there were bridges burned along the way
I let a lover come between me and a friend
and neither one was still there in the end

Now I don’t know if she’ll ever talk to me
I lost a friend to jealousy, oh, no
You can’t go back to the way things were
I wish I could just talk to her, now I know
Now I know

How can I apologize
when I see the look that’s in her eyes?
Where you’ve been you will someday return
but you can’t go back if the bridge is burned

There she was, just standing there
so kind as to clear the air between us
(she said) “never again betray my trust
the things we do and say now must redeem us.”
Redeem us.

But how do I apologize?
There were things I didn’t realize
We’ll rebuild the bridges on the way
oh, girl, there’s so much left to say
Track Name: What Was That Song?
what was that song
© 1999 andy ard

even if i could which i would but i can’t
it would do me no good even trying to recant
that same old song
been humming all day long

from the back of my mind to the tip of my tongue
i hear it over and again but i don’t know where it’s from
and it’s driving me insane
i gotta hear it again

what was that song -- on the radio
what was that song -- i really gotta know
where can i go to find the band
‘cause i wanna shake all their hands
where do you think they plan to go
what was that song on the radio


dj didn’t say a thing about it
went to commercial and then i shouted “hey!
what was that? are you ever gonna bring ‘em back”


what was that song on the radio
what was that song on the radio