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How Easy It Is

by Andy Ard

How Easy It Is © Andy Ard (BMI) Remember when you were a kid Not overthinking everything you did The only difference is the way you think about it You had it once, now get rid of what made you doubt it It’s hard sometimes how easy it is When you forget to remember what you don’t wanna miss And all the while it was only this It’s hard sometimes how easy it is You don’t have to make it hard You don’t always have to play your card Have yourself a little taste of forgiveness Share it with someone else And I bet your trouble melts Chorus Every time I think it over, think it over more The answer just keeps coming back, simple as before It’s hard sometimes Hard sometimes Hard sometimes How easy it is, easy it is Instrumental Chorus
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah © Andy Ard (BMI) Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah The universe has only one answer to the question: Are you gonna play? The sun is always up there, even when it's overcast and the proof it rises every day It likes to happen any way it can simplest of simplest of plans say it long enough, it's true everything and everything you do Yeah So come on and get with it, the world is waiting for you to get in it come on, come on, come on Don't worry if there's hell to pay, like water you will find a way come on, come on, come on Say the word you really want to say Do the thing you wanted to today no excuses, no more hiding out let them hear you shout Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (lather, rinse, repeat)
Give It Away 03:34
Give It Away © Andy Ard (BMI) I feel all right Any time I am around her And I'm always around, cause you know that I've found nothing better Not that I was looking, I knew all along She's my little never can do no wrong She's the song I sing every day, let me tell you why Every day she gives All her love away And every day she does it again I call her name Just to hear her voice when she answers When my phone is ringing, the choir's singing "My Girl" I'm tempted to say She's the girl of my dreams Maybe I would, but I don't dream that good, she's a vision And the way she lives All her love just may Be the only thing that lasts forever (Instrumental) Well I feel all right Ever since I gave it up and let it all go If you don't know what I mean, it ain't no big thing, it'll happen Every day she gives All her love away Take it in and do it again Every day we give All our love away - don't ever keep it, cause it's Coming back from everything around you Give it away Give it all away Give it all away Give it away Give it all away
Will You Be There When I Land (C) Andy Ard (BMI) Will you be there when I land Will you help me up when I stand I don't care if it's wrong If there's something there that doesn't belong Will you be there when I land Got a problem catching up Somebody took your half of the cup Play it out, step in time Forget about staying in line This is all I need to know I'll tolerate a lot of little other things But this I can't let go (Instrumental) Will you be there when I land Somebody out there guiding your hand Gonna bring you back to your feet Right to where we're gonna meet, yeah Will you hang with me all the way To the bottom of every day I promise you I'll do the same We'll always have each other to blame Yeah, I'll be there, I'll be there This is all I need to know I'll tolerate a lot of little other things But this I can't let go Can it be that simple to do Can you be so solid too And I only ask, 'cause you understand Will you be there when I land Will you be there when I land Will you be there when I land
Rain All Day 03:24
Rain All Day © Andy Ard (BMI) Looks like it’s gonna rain all day And I’ve got nothing to do But my old porch is working And my radio too Got a little sipping whiskey, a rocking chair The phone’s unplugged in case somebody dares to call That’s not all I go t the whole front yard to catch every drop that falls Weather man lied to me But I ain't mad at him Cause me and Patsy are walking After midnight again There’s no moonlight, no starlight And everything is alright cause I know Yes I know That I ain’t missing a single blessed thing People go driving by, I wish them well on their way Taking just a little bit of rain with them But hey, that’s okay [Instr] Looks like it’s gonna rain all day Clouds are singing a song I got a front row seat So I’ll just sing along The only place I would rather be Is your porch with you right next to me Because, just because I don’t need a reason to let it rain all day
Everyone Loves You (but Nobody Wants You Around) © Andy Ard (BMI) I wear my welcome out good Maybe I’m just from the wrong neighborhood They say I’m alright, at least to my face But it seems they want me out of their place I know, I know, it’s all in my mind My enemies are the imaginary kind But still I’m alone, hearing the sound Everyone loves you but nobody wants you around The pleasantries they toss in the air They can keep it in their derriere I’ve got two words for anybody who thinks That I don’t see their little nods and winks I’m no good to them, at least not locally It doesn’t mean they don’t admire me Cause I’m washed out, flattery-drowned Everyone loves you but nobody wants you around You can’t miss it, That contemptible smile It only lasts a little uncomfortable while When they finally get me on my way I swear I hear a muffled “hip-hip hooray” [Instrumental] You’d think I’d learned my lesson, but That don’t change the feeling in my gut There’s too much corroboration of my flaws I can even hear it in their hems and haws I blow it sometimes, and they say to me You’ve got delusions of mediocrity Yeah, even my own dog thinks I’m a hound Everyone loves you but nobody wants you Everyone loves you but nobody wants you Everyone loves you but nobody wants you around
Nothing Like love © Andy Ard (BMI) She danced her way right through the room with a big smile on her face The kind she never wore for him, no, she got it in another place He asked her where the fire was, 'cause it certainly wasn't at home He thought 'there's nothing like love', but apparently it's out on loan What have you done, what have you done Gone and fallen for someone again Oh, what have you done Lost a hold of your emotion Cuckoo birds in window sills and words in the parking lot Hollow promises of what would happen and what would not And not unlike their first arrangement, she was up in flame And it was nothing like love, it was a cold inhuman game What have you done, what have you done Gone and fallen for someone again Ah, what have you done But find how far and fast you can run away You're giving up Say you've given enough But what you've got That's nothing like love [Instrumental] Never thought you'd go this far Can't keep from the cookie jar How's the karma where you are? It's gonna be coming around It was hard to see her nonchalantly on her way and contemplate the white-hot dread of lasting one more day But crawling through the calendar he found another reason to stay Seems nothing like love can do you quite that way What have you done, what have you done Gone and fallen for someone again Ah, what have you done Become a slave to your emotion
Bootstraps 03:40
Bootstraps © Andy Ard (BMI) How dare you tell me get a job From the window of your SUV What would you know About rugged individuality? Where do you sleep every night And how well do you slumber knowing When you wake There’s nobody kicking you out? To tell you pull yourself up by the bootstraps Make something out of yourself Well I got no boots and no place to keep ‘em I could use a little help You think it’s all a game of cards But some are not allowed to play The deck is stacked My hand’s untouchable anyway Who told you that I wanted this I don’t remember anyone asking Must be the voices you heard on the radio Chorus This is the best I can do today Cardboard sign on the corner where I stay Another driver looks away To the talk radio or the red light He doesn’t remember The first boots somebody bought for him Chorus 2x
20 Drops 02:59
20 Drops © Andy Ard (BMI) from behind the bar she asked me what i wanted but i couldn't tell the truth, no, not in here so i smiled and asked her what she recommended she raised an eyebrow and started shaking up for me 20 drops of cool cool water and a dash of slow burning flame half a cup of call me after closing and a teaspoon of calling out my name now i'm thinking i've imagined all of this it must happen in here every single night bartending beauty fending off the huddled masses every one of them thinks she's serving up for him CHORUS dipsomaniacs all thinking they will drown anything she's pouring they will drink it down CHORUS (Breakdown) CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL CHORUS
Broken 03:12
Broken © Andy Ard (BMI) i was broken when we met worn out and splintery but you’re a handy girl who got to fixing up me i like the way that you put me right so good we just might mend up better than before i got a lotta pieces here left over from the years now it's time to throw them out if i can't figure why i kept them all about but i like the way you clean up and get me all unstuck make me remember what I'm working for oh, I was so broken my parts were all poking out of me i would've thought you were joking that it was only a broken way to be instr you loved me even when I thought I’d never work again But you knew what to do I wasn’t broken to you When I thought I was completely cracked You made me feel intact I would even say restored whatever's broken it will heal and even if I lose a wheel I’m gonna learn to fly so high We’ll forget about rolling any more (na na na na na na) not broken anymore 4X
Hair on Fire 02:40
Hair on Fire © Andy Ard (BMI) This is the way we beat round the bush Shuffle and rush Succumb to the crush This is the way we give up our lives So early every morning What do you think it would take to escape Burn the red tape Get back in shape What would you do to get out of the way Of your very own salvation Run for your life like your hair is on fire There’s no time to waste, and it’s never too late Go for whatever will truly inspire you No points for finishing this kind of race There was a guy at the end of my block Built his house on a rock Picked all the right stock Retirement came a bit late for him though, His heart had other plans It stopped at a traffic light last day of work Coffee spilled with a jerk His one final perk Bucket list clenched in his cold dead hands So early in the morning CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL VERSE 1 CHORUS 2X


Denver songwriter Andy Ard recorded this puppy at his own Superfly Bungalow Studio. It's music for people who want to be happier. If you like it, the nicest thing you could do is to tell somebody about it.


released June 21, 2012


all rights reserved



Andy Ard Denver

I make music I like. Hope you like it too.

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