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Like That

by Andy Ard

Here Comes Another Good Time © Andy Ard (BMI) The days go rollercoastin’ But the direction you spend most in Is going somewhere really swell I’ve only got one thing to tell you Here comes another good time Here comes another good time You know it won’t be hard to find Here comes another good time I know you’re out there somewhere Beyond the reach of my armchair If I’m gonna meet you face to face I’ve got to get out to the place where Here comes another good time Here comes another good time You know it won’t be hard to find Here comes another good time There’s a good time Out there waiting for you But you’ve got to get In the way [Instr] When life is kinda boring The hourglass is pouring Just flip it back and start again Nobody gets to tell you when, cause Here comes another good time Here comes another good time You know it won’t be hard to find Here comes another good time [Chorus Repeat] [Chorus a capella] [Chorus Repeat 2X]
Why You Gotta Be Like That? © Andy Ard (BMI) Your face is frozen in a tight little scowl Wearing your grumpy old hat Don't come to the party like a cold wet towel Why you gotta be like that When you go mixing with a poor attitude Making all the drinks go flat I've got one ingredient you ought to include Called why you gotta be like that Gotta be like that Why you gotta be like that, ooh Get away from me if that’s you wanna be Why you gotta be like that I know you've had some hassle here and there Ain't nobody goes without It's so much better when you make yourself aware Why you gotta be like that You're making your mind up every hour of every day How you want to be, and it will always go your way can you be like that instrumental Come back to the party and I promise you will be Fine exactly where you're at Have a laugh and a dance and I promise you will see Why you gotta be like that chorus 2X
Trouble 03:45
Trouble © Andy Ard (BMI) I thought I had troubles, boy was i ever wrong I never knew a train wreck could go on for so long How could anybody's lot in life be so unfair? If bad luck was a currency, you'd be a millionaire I thought some more and got to thinking this is all unreal Then i remembered that's exactly how I used to feel Until i saw the mess that i was living day to day It didn't change until i had the courage for to say There's trouble in your house, trouble in your mind Trouble come from everything you will not leave behind The trouble is it's close to you, and hard to recognize There's trouble everywhere you look, there's trouble in your eyes You'll find it when you're minding business that's none of your own Dig it up like gardens that you haven't sown There's lots of ways to get it, and I'd say you've got it good There's lots of ways to fix it, and i do believe you could So let me help you friend to lay your trouble down But it won't work if you keep on a-bringing it around You're going nowhere if you're only keeping it at bay There's trouble at the door and there's more trouble on the way chorus / Instrumental When i was young, they said to make decisions you'll abide But even all the good ones can take you for a ride And if you take the high road, no matter what you do Trouble finds the path of least resistance up to you So gather up your troubles and throw them in the can Hang 'em up or pack 'em off into a moving van But don't take trouble with you to the places that you go Starting with whatever keeps you from wanting to know there's chorus, chorus breakdown
Come Over Here © Andy Ard (BMI) I caught you looking at me, I think that you will agree There’s nothing else here to see, cause this is the place to be Why don’t you stop being shy, and look me in the eye We’re just a girl and a guy, so step on up and say hi I get a feeling that you might be feeling it too So here’s what you oughtta do Come over here, yeah you, come over here Hey you, yeah you, come over here Hey you, yeah you, yeah you – Come over here I’d like to know your name, but i don’t wanna play games This ain’t no time to be tame, i hope that you feel the same I think we’d make a good pair, but you are way over there This ain’t no time to stare, it’s time to take a dare If you’ve got something to say, then move it over my way And let me hear it today Chorus Why don’t you, why don’t you Come over, come over Why don’t you, why don’t you Come over, come over here Instrumental Chorus 2X
Got to Get Me One of Those © Andy Ard (BMI), Matthew Melle Johnson (ASCAP) I saw it just now, is that the new thing? Oh my my can’t look away my eyes are twinkling I am preoccupied with acquisition This could become my new obsession Got to get me one of those Got a fever and it shows The only cure I can suppose I've Got to, I've Got to, Got to get me one of those It’s just so beautiful, I’ve got to have it Where do I go because I’ve got to grab it What can I do, how can I make it mine I’m saving all my nickels and saving all my dimes, yeah Chorus


Andy approached producer John McVey about recording two tracks to showcase for publishers and music supervisors. John said "Two tracks? Pssssh. Let's do five."

And so they did, bringing in eTown's Nick Forster on guitar, Christian Teele on drums, Paul McDaniel on bass, Eric Moon on keys, and Jessica DeNicola on backing vocals.

Andy had been through several cycles of trying to fit his music into specific genres. He's got a rock background, but retains a bit of the Georgia twang. The rock/pop people said "No, that's country." The country people said "Nice, but it ain't country either." He couldn't find the front office for Americana and roots rock, but one imagines them saying "Okay, sure, let's hear it."

Either way, Andy and company had the songs, and they had their own sound. They whooped up a rollicking collection of tracks, bundled here for your merry consumption.

We'd love to hear from you, and above all else, thank you for listening.


released July 21, 2018

Produced by John McVey at Cinder Sound Studio in Boulder, CO.
Mastered by Jim Wilson.
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar: Andy Ard
Lead Guitar: Nick Forster
Drums: Christian Teele
Bass: Paul McDaniel
Keyboards: Eric Moon
Backing Vocals: Jessica DeNicola
Gang Vocals: Julie Mannina, Lauren Brombert, Brittany Noel Mahoney
Artwork: Andy Ard
All songs by Andy Ard (BMI / Superfly Jukebox Music), except "Got to Get Me One of Those" by Andy Ard and Matthew Melle Johnson (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Andy Ard Denver

I make music I like. Hope you like it too.

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