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What She Did

by Andy Ard

That's What She Did to Me (c) 2009 Andy Ard She's a killer, she'll tear your heart out Believe me, I know what I'm talking about She'll put your head upon a silver tray Do it to someone else the very next day Get any closer and man, you'll see That's what she did to me Take another look before you mess around She'll let you fall in love and then she'll get out of town Have your heart and soul hanging by a string And leave you sad and lonely while she's doing her thing At least I hope so, 'cause brother you see, That's what she did to me No, don't go for the line she's feeding you She'll leave you sad and lonely and blue Stomp all over you just for something to do [Instrumental] You're thinking you're the only one she's gonna love But trust me brother, I know what she's thinking of I know because I stole her from another man Now he and I are victims of the same old plan Soon you'll be joining us, the membership's free 'Cause that's what she did to me That's what she did to me That's what she did to me
Baby Don't Care (c) 2002 Andy Ard Baby called me up about an hour ago Said won't you take me to the rock 'n' roll show Asked which one, she said 'I don't know' Just come and get me 'cause I'm ready to go My baby don't care who's playing the tune Baby don't care if we go to the moon Baby don't care but it better be soon My baby don't care, my baby don't care We're driving around baby gave me a glance Baby says 'Hey, I wanna get up and dance' I says 'What about a night of romance?' She said 'Get me to the club or you ain't got a chance' Baby don't care, leave your coat at the door Baby don't care, just get on the floor Baby don't care, just gimme some more My baby don't care, my baby don't care Do you remember how to twist and shout? Did you forget what rock and roll's about? Baby, baby, rock 'n' roll, I wanna Baby, baby, rock 'n' roll, I wanna Baby, baby, rock 'n' roll, I wanna Baby don't care, my baby don't care Baby called about an hour ago Said won't you take me to the rock 'n' roll show Just come and get me 'cause I'm ready to go, go, go Baby don't care Baby don't care Baby don't care
Wonderful 02:39
Wonderful (c) 2001 Andy Ard Ooh, Wonderful was all I had to say spent an evening in your arms before I went away Your eyes were bright and all that I could see Everything else disappeared, it was only you and me Well I could write a thousand songs about that moment so I can sing them all to you, when we can be together and never have to say goodbye again Ooh, wonderful, even if we go on separately I'll always have a favorite memory (Instrumental) I wonder what you even saw in me Was it a reflection of the beauty that I see? So what to do about this feeling, I don't know but I won't let it worry me I'll let the wonder go and take me where it will but is that all there is, I wonder do you feel the same way too? Wonderful, ooh, Wonderful
This May Be 03:17
This may be (c) 2008 Andy Ard This may be the moment I've been waiting for If the time is right, I'll know just what to do But I can't see beyond the hazy neverness of now Do I dare make a mess of everything Hesitate or stumble right ahead Do I, don't I have a shred of certainty left in me 'Cause I need it tonight Oh how right This may be This may be the only one to come along But how would I know if it never has before Well not like this, you see, all the other ones were different At least I think that's how it went This may be the day I hang up all my fears Make myself a possibility Why not, I'm not gonna pass this way again When forever does me in But not tonight I won't fight what this may be this may be
Camp Ootahneenohchee (c) 2002 Andy Ard At Camp Ootahneenohchee where I met a girl called Jennifer my first kiss found me by the adirondacks boy do I miss her she grew up and got married to the VP of a company 'cause her mother wouldn't have her baby settle for the likes of me so they made a lot of money, started squeezing out the puppies and they sent them off to private school so they could become yuppies but they grew up too, and so they faltered out into the wild but they were ill-equipped for coping like an ordinary child so they had neuroses and complexes and took it out on everyone but all they wanted to hear from their father was 'I love you son' but that'll never happen while that bugger is alive because he didn't get the same and he just wouldn't empathize, oh well but what about our Jennifer, the girl from the camp who shared with me her lip gloss while mosquitoes buzzed around the lamp? I bet you she is somewhere deep inside a painted castle but she bargained off vitality because to leave would be a hassle I know even if she and I were never meant to be together she would be much happier without the things he had to get her simple pleasures are just that, they never cost a lot but maybe I'm just saying that because it's all that I've got but if she ever makes her mind up to get out of there and if I clean up my apartment and I buy new underwear will she be so enamored by the recollection of our rendezvous that one day she will go for broke and say she does and I will too well these are things that keep me wondering about the future 'cause the present tells me something and I say, "whoa, man, are you sure?" 'cause if you are playing me, I'm going to boycott every calendar until you show me how a guy can make some time with her I know a lot of people think of it as maybe an obsession but I bet if you asked her she'll say she also learned a lesson so if you don't mind, I'll hold on to my little fantasy where a summer camp encounter turns into reality meaning someone whom I've never met at least in twenty years comes out of nowhere and professes that she often visits here at Camp Ootahneenohchee over there by the river where she waits for me until I ask her "can we go together?" Yeah!


Lately, Andy has been writing a good deal of songs about bad girls and the boys who love them. In fact, that was going to be the name of the full-length CD that ended up being this 5-song EP "What She Did".

The condensed version serves as a post card, a lovesick letter to a few of the eponymous ladies and the adventures they wrought. He recorded these tracks with the help of producer/musician Eric Shiveley, at Desert Air Recording studio in Alamosa, Colorado.

Andy's guiding principle was that each song connect with the hips, heart or head, and with luck, all three. Despite the title's suggestion that the songs are invective set to music, the outlook is steadfastly optimistic.


released September 9, 2009

Written and performed by Andy Ard
Additional instruments:
Eric Shiveley (drums)
Bret Billings (harmonica)

Recorded by Eric Shiveley


all rights reserved



Andy Ard Denver

I make music I like. Hope you like it too.

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